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The agency.

A necessary investment for your brand.

RIBBAN is the ideal agency for your business or personal brand, an agency trusted by a lot of business owners looking for professionals to make their digital vision become a reality.

We create, launch, and grow brands through six equally strong domains: e-commerce, marketing, SEO, strategy, design, and web development. Our operational model combines the best practices of creative agencies, hyper-growth technology companies, and platform economy. Sounds like a weird combo, but it seems we’re on the right track. At least according to our pinch-ourselves-to-see-if-we’re-dreaming clients. We don´t just talk, we get sh*t things done.

74 NPS

Our all-time NPS is 74, updated in 1/2024. Our goal is 80, nothing short of world-class.

15+ brands

A roster of dream-come-true clients, including brands like Klarna, Clean Drinks, and ESSNCE.

6 domains

Brand company = e-commerce + marketing + SEO + strategy + design + web development.

10+ team members

A very nice and talented bunch of senior professionals in our different areas.

2 studios

While our main office is rooted in Gothenburg, Sweden, we also operate a second office in Stockholm.

10 000+ cups of coffee

We've fueled our strategies with over 10,000 cups of coffee - because behind every successful marketing campaign, there's a highly caffeinated team!


This is how we operate

Call it like it is

We appreciate direct talk and honesty, both internally and with our clients. The more upfront we are, the brighter the outcome. We always default to action and substance instead of abstract slides and fancy talk.

NPS is our jury

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is our primary way of measuring our work. We track it monthly and ask for brutally honest, anonymous feedback from every single client we work with. Our goal is to reach and maintain an NPS of 80, and celebrate reaching the world-class level as defined by the creator of the metric.

Six agencies in one

The best brands are built on multiple fronts, and the best brand agencies can provide multiple services from a single address. That’s why you can get all your e-commerce, marketing, SEO, strategy, design, and web development needs fulfilled at RIBBAN. Working with one agency only means less coordination for you, and more ways for us to be creative in. We call it the smooth way.

From in-house to full-house

If the ideal creative team for building your brand does not work at Ribban, they likely work with Ribban. Our extended, full-house team includes 1500+ curated creative freelancers from 25+ countries. So when your brief requires very specific creative skills, knowledge of a rare language, or niche industry expertise, you still get the full package through Ribban and don’t need to shop around.

Shaped by tech

We’re rooted in the European technology sector. Working with some of the fastest-growing companies in Europe has fundamentally shaped our approach to creative work. We’re flexible, laser-focused, fast-to-concrete, driven by results. Because nothing less would reach our goal to be the best.

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